10 most expensive yachts in the world

10 most expensive yachts

10 most expensive yachts and their characteristics

Beautiful, stylish, powerful yachts, cutting through sea or ocean waves, everyone associates them with luxury and wealth. Despite the fact that the most common yacht can be bought at the price of a car, the cost of some types of sea transport reaches a couple of billion dollars. Below you will find 10 of the most expensive yachts in the world.

10 most expensive yachts. What are they?

The most expensive yacht in the world History Supreme, its cost is $4.85 billion. This is an engineering miracle was being built for three years. The length of the yacht is 30 meters and is completely made of platinum and gold. Everything from the wheel to the chairs behind the bar is made of precious metals. About 100 000 kg of jewelry was used in total on the yacht. The bones of the largest dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex are built on the wall. There is also a real meteorite and in the central hall is 70 kg gold aquarium. The name of the owner is unknown but it is assumed that this “sugar king” is from Malaysia, Robert Cook.

Rising Sun worth $ 200 million is the property of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. The yacht, rolled off the production line in 2004, is 138 meters long and consits of 5 floors. Inside there are 82 rooms for different purposes. All surfaces on the yacht are covered with onyx.

Seven Seas is also worth $ 200 million and is owned by Steven Spielberg. It is noteworthy that Spielberg himself quickly gets motion sick, so a special system of balancing on water was developed for him. The yacht has a length of 85 meters, equipped with a transparent pool. It is interesting that it can also be turned into a huge cinema. Also on the ship there are 7 cabins, SPA salon and massage room.

Lady Moura for $ 210 million is 105 m in length. The name of the yacht is made of 24-carat gold. In the dining room there is 23 m long table. The boat can accommodate 30 guests, there is even an imitation of the beach with sand.

Al Mirqab costed $ 250 million to the state official of Qatar. The yacht has a steel frame and can accommodate up to 24 guests, which can be accommodated in 10 luxurious cabins with private bathrooms. The yacht has a bar, jacuzzi, swimming pool. Crystal stairs are handmade.

Dilbar yacht costed Russian Alisher Usmanov 263 million USD. The vessel is 156 m long and is equipped with helicopter platforms, an elevator and a huge swimming pool.

Al Said, owned by the Sultan of Oman, is worth $ 300 million. It is the heaviest yacht-type vessel in the world. The yacht can accommodate up to 70 guests, served by 154 crew members. In addition to all the “usual” for expensive yachts options, there is a concert hall where 50 people can perform at the same time.

Superyacht A is owned by Andrey Melnichenko from Russia. The length of the vessel is 119 meters. The yacht is under sail, equipped with a swimming pool, promenade, bar. Each cabin is individually designed.

The cost of the ship Eclipse is reliably unknown. It’s probably worth between $ 500 million and $ 1 billion. The yacht is owned by Roman Abramovich. The ship has boats, jet skis and much more for active entertainment. Also on board there are three dining rooms, a concert hall made of glass, two swimming pools.

Streets of Monaco costed $ 1 billion but it is unknown who bought it. The yacht is a miniature copy of Monaco. Here you can visit the casino Monte Carlo, a hotel complex, there is a copy of the route of the Monaco Grand Prix. Bars, swimming pools, tennis courts – all this can be found on the yacht in abundance. The yacht can accommodate 16 guests.