The founder of electromobile race became a shareholder and head of the Motorsport Network

electromobile race

Electromobile race turned for Alejandro Agag into company Motorsport Network

The creator of electromobile race of the Formula E series became the head of the board of directors and the investor of a common platform that is dedicated to electric cars.
Alejandro Agag is one of the first who started electromobile race and transformed the FIA Formula E into a major sporting event for electromobiles.
Electromobile races are held on street routes in different cities of the world. Now Agag continues its development in the field of electromobiles and together with the creators of the Motorsport Network entered the EV Network and took the place of the chairman of the board of this organization.

From electromobile race – to the chair in the board

EV Network is a combination of two key electromobile platforms – InsideEVs and MYEV. The first is an independent electronic magazine about electromobiles. This portal is very popular in the countries of North America, and in 2019, it is planned to enter the global market. – a unique trading platform for the implementation of electromobiles, where more than 370 vendors employ.

The site will be able to expand its geographical presence, will receive many new options due to the connection of multilingual, as it once happened to the Motorsport Network, whose resources devoted to cars and the corresponding sport, are read worldwide in 17 languages. Traffic projects Motorsport Network is 31 million users per month.

Having taken the main seat on the board of directors of the RV Network Agag will be able to use all his experience in the field of electric vehicles to create a strong and productive team.
Alejandro, in the media commentary, noted that there has recently been a great demand for current news and reviews about electric cars, so creating an EV Network is a logical decision.

Agag himself regards this stage of his career as an opportunity to grow further, use investment opportunities, turn an ordinary platform into a key platform about electromobiles, and bring it to the global level. Motorsport Network has all that may be required for this – experience, practical experience, skills. Therefore, Alejandro invested in the EV Network and agreed to lead the board of directors – to help the sites achieve the desired results.

Motorsport Network highly appreciates Alejandro’s abilities and calls him a pioneer capable of opening new, promising opportunities and markets. His track record and participation in electric car races are worth a lot. In the Motorsport Network, Alejandro is very pleased to be involved in the project and its investments. Not be superfluous and his leadership characteristics. Under the strict guidance of Agag, with the stigma of the well-known brand Motorsport Network, as the largest network of sites for motorists, EV Network is doomed to success.

Thus, Alejandro, as chairman of the board of directors, will be faced with the task of developing the site, popularizing electric car enthusiasts. Relevant content will be published on the resources, and new vendors will be attracted to the site for selling electric cars to create a single web-based trading resource where you can immediately choose a new electric friend from all the dealers’ offers.