Princess X95 is the new beauty of sea cruise transport

Princess X95

Princess X95 is the concept of a comfortable and high-tech yacht

For many wealthy people, the logical step after buying real estate and cars is buying their own yacht. This is an expensive type of sea transport, including due to the need to pay for the storage and maintenance of floating facilities. In addition, there should be personnel on the yacht – it is unlikely the billionaire is ready to control his ship himself, and at the same time wash cabins and cook dinner. In the world of modern maritime transport “for the rich”, almost all manufacturers emphasize maximum comfort for guests, offering luxurious interiors, but forgetting about the technical stuffing and proper construction of the vessel.
These companies, fortunately, do not include Princess Yachts, which recently presented the concept of a cruise craft. Princess X95 at the same time offers a stylish design, a high degree of comfort and excellent technical characteristics. The internal and external space in this yacht is increased, and in general, the new product looks very interesting in the current market.

What is Princess X95?

First, it is worth remembering that the concept of Princess X95 is built on its predecessor – model R35, a high-speed super-yacht from this manufacturer. This model has created a real sensation last year. Despite the rather original continuation of the series, the X95 itself could be the beginning of a fundamentally new line of cruise transport, marking the beginning of a new period in technical design. The main “highlight” of the yacht, due to which the perfect balance between technical performance and comfort has become, is an elongated bridge passing through the whole hull and hangs a little over the stern in front.

Also, the engineering solution has increased the external space by 10%, and the internal – by an impressive 40%. From the technical indicators now it is known that the Princess X95 yacht will be driven by a dual V12 engine system with a total power of 1900 metric horsepower. Thus, the maximum speed of sea transport will be 48 kilometers per hour, and the capacity – 13,400 liters.The beauty will reach 30 meters long.

Thanks to the stylish design and high technical characteristics, the yacht will definitely arouse the interest of wealthy buyers. The increased space inside can be finished to the taste of the client – with the indispensable attention to detail and comfort of both the team and the guests. Built-in control systems will provide an opportunity to get more pleasure from navigating the yacht over the sea waves – it will be perfectly maneuverable, with a soft ride and maximum safety. It remains only to wait for the boat to come down from the conveyor, and whether it will happen, or if X95 will remain only a concept on beautiful renderers.

In any case, it is high time for yacht manufacturers to look for a balance between technology and comfort, as the vector has recently shifted to the last side. Brands are working on luxury interiors without improving the speed of sea transport or fuel consumption – and this is precisely the weaknesses of yachts of any level.